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Will I ever stop chasing the little girl I was? I wish I could stop her from feeling all the hurt, change her path so she might find an easier way. I guess it isn’t up to me. All I can do is work to heal the woman she has become.


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I had a hypothesis, which I have recently proven.  The smell of my cat’s poo is inversely proportionate with the cost of his food.  When I buy cheap food, his droppings fill the house with a toxic fog.  I bought more expensive food – I don’t even notice when he leaves the litter box.  Cheap food = super smelly.  Expensive food = barely noticeable.

Unfortunately, I think we still need to get rid of the cat.  He has managed to find every corner of the house and pee or spray in it.  I’m going to have to remove the carpet from the upstairs bedrooms.  Nothing I use completely eliminates the smell.  Unless I can eliminate the smell, I’m pretty sure that he won’t stop.  I brought up the prospect last night and my 12 year old cried.  I hate the idea of taking his kitty away.  I hate even more the idea of sending him to school to be tortured because in addition to everything else, he smells like cat pee.

The cat has got to go.  I need to seriously address the smell.  I am so overwhelmed at the idea I don’t know if I can handle it.  I’m going back to bed.

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